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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Facebook Page: "Lets Find 1 Million People to Support Severly Injured Veterans" Attacks Disabled Vet Asking for Support on White House PTSD Petition

PROMOTING AND SELLING ITEMS FOR A PROFIT WHILE PRETENDING TO BE THE NON-PROFIT, a worthwhile one from what I can tell, that provides homes for disabled vets. 

The company, Hearts Moving Mountains, markets and sells T-Shirts, iTunes, and other products, pretending that they are a charity or are donating ALL of the proceeds to charity.  In fact, they are in the business of selling products AND, POSSIBLY, donating what is leftover to some worthwhile charities.

At first I simply asked them to promote our WHITE HOUSE petition asking President Obama to end the negative stigmas against PTSD and military mental health treatment on a post on their page, but my post never appeared and they could obviously care less about helping Veterans! As soon as I contacted them about their credibility, they reported me to Facebook as a SPAMMER and sent me nasty messages, claiming that I am "uneducated" when I told them to stop using the term "HOOAH" because it is an "Army only" term and insults the rest of us who honorably served our country in the Air Force, Navy, and Marines!  Soon after I was barred from the site and unable to save the nasty messages ... boy they work fast when they have something to hide!

I am not saying they are doing a disservice and they may actually have good intentions, but they are misrepresenting themselves as a charity when they are a "FOR PROFIT", company a .com, not a NON-PROFIT, a .org.  They lead people to believe that they are donating to a charity when they visit the websites when in-fact you are taken to a company website selling products. The non-profit probably gets the "merchandise" at the wholesale price, which includes a tidy profit for the company, and are sold at a higher price to generate income for the non-profit...probably much less than the t-shirt and manufacturer makes on the deal! Here is what they advertise:

"You can also buy Patriotic T shirts at Hearts Moving Mountains and "all net proceeds" 
got to Homes For Our Troops!"

Here is the definition of "net proceeds" according to Financial Dictionary - The Free dictionary website: 
"net proceeds": The revenues from the sale of an asset that have been reduced by commissions or other expenses directly related to the sale. Net proceeds from a security's sale are calculated by multiplying the security's price by the result derived from subtracting the brokerage commission and any taxes or other fees realized from the sale from the number of shares sold
Source: http://financial-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Net+Proceeds
So, they are taking THEIR CUT (commission) after expenses, and who knows how big that "commission" is, and giving the NET PROCEEDS to the charity, probably much less than the commission!

"Karla", the women who posts for them, obviously cannot spell, and uses the term "HOOAH" after each post sent me a nasty message before blocking me, telling me that I am "uneducated" and that she "was in the Army ... HOOAH", so that apparently makes everything OK.  If they are so eager to block and insult me, what are they afraid of except of the TRUTH and being exposed as SCAM ARTISTS, using public sentiment toward the military and Veterans as a come-on?

By the way ... it should be "Let's Find 1 Million People to Support Severely Injured Veterans", not "Lets Find 1 Million People to Support Severly Injured Veterans" ... who is the uneducated one now Karla?

As you can see from their page, they are quick to point out that anybody disagreeing with them will be BLOCKED, so they have apparently run into problems before.  Here is what they claim on Facebook:

Thursday, December 20, 2012

CombatActivist: InstitutionalTerrorism - Microsoft Quit Wasting My FREAKIN' Life!

CombatActivist discusses Institutional Terrorism and Microsoft's monopoly of THE WORLD and asks Bill Gates, or whomever is in charge of this multi-billion dollar conglomerate, to "Quit Wasting My FREAKIN' Life!"

Microsoft Windows, Office, Internet Explorer ... YOU NAME IT ... have wasted thousands of hours of life "NOT RESPONDING", LOCKING-UP, OR SIMPLY NOT WORKING!

This video shows my frustration with Microsoft and PAVE THE WAY TOWARD MY MIGRATION TO APPLE ... MACINTOSH!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reduce Defense Spending...Are You Serious?

According to Money Magazine (October 2012, p. 85), 68% of those polled (Republicans AND Democrats) think the United States should cut defense (military) spending. The Department of Defense (DoD), Congress, and President Obama all want to cut personnel and retiree benefits, that is a fact. What are these morons thinking? What is 68% of the population, supposedly, thinking? You got me!
We have been at war with Al Qaeda, and others, for 11 years and our military, if not dead already, are worn out! Our heroes in uniform, past, present, and future, put their families, health, and lives on the line every day...for your freedom people!

So now that Osama is dead, we are out of Iraq, and things are winding down in Afghanistan, we have nothing to worry about...right? Military retention rates are at all times highs thanks to patriotism and a weak economy, so why don't we cut their (active duty, Guard, Reserves, and retirees) pay and benefits or, better yet, drum them out altogether so we can save a few bucks? Forget those promises we made about job security, lifetime healthcare, pensions, and other "retention" tools...the threat is gone, over, history...let's cut defense spending (that is shorthand for personnel and benefits)! You don't really think the military (DoD) is going to give up any planes, tanks, ships, or helicopters do you?

I don't know about you, but I have a couple problems with that kind of thinking:
First, we, as a nation, made promises to our men and women in uniform and cannot change course now. That is immoral! Can you say integrity? Keep the promises made to those serving and those who have served. If you want to make changes, make them effective BEFORE future enlistees enlist, not after we obligated to or faithfully served our country!
Second, the president, Congress, and DoD ARE NOT focusing on fighting a few terrorists here and there, they are focusing on two very real and very large threats...CHINA (and their redheaded stepchild North Korea) and IRAN! 

China is a military and nuclear superpower with BILLIONS of potential troops and Iran has a nut of a president and is on the verge of becoming a nuclear threat (beside having one of the most potent militaries in the Middle East) and is threatening one of the most unstable and economically critical regions in the world ON A DAILY BASIS! Can you say OIL? How about nuclear holocaust? Are you people out if your freakin' minds?

So why not cut porkbarrel spending, pet projects, a bloated government full of useless programs and lazy workers (that is a generalization, there are many worthwhile programs and civil servants), or even cushy pensions for serving in Congress for a couple  of years? Why? Because memories are very short and if there is not an immediate threat, citizens are selfish and want all the money to come to them. That means politicians need to keep those voters happy so they can be reelected and receive those cushy pensions!

In conclusion, our shortsighted predecessors cut defense spending after World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, and even Gulf War I, but guess what? That's right, we got caught with our pants down when the next conflict came along! Do you have any idea how much we waste as a nation drawing down and building up our military as a reaction to world events? BILLIONS...JUST LIKE THOSE BILLIONS OF CHINESE just a stones throw from the United States of America...can you say Alaska? How about Hawaii? There is a place in Hawaii called Pearl Harbor...have you heard of it?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paul Ryan...Savior or Satan: Coming of the AntiChrist?

The first time I saw Paul Ryan or even heard of him for that matter, was when Mitt Romney recently announced he would be his running mate for the 2012 presidential election. First impressions are telling, and mine are usually fairly accurate, so the first time I saw this man, a shiver ran up my spine, I was frightened!

There has been much talk over the years, particularly recently in the days leading to the Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2012, predicting the end of the world, supposedly prophesied by the Mayans, Nostradamus, and dozens of TV shows and films in recent memory. The coming of the Antichrist, an event anticipated for centuries in some religions, has not been linked to the upcoming END OF THE WORLD, at least as far as I have seen. But the coincidences are alarming!

Here is a man, Paul Ryan, coming from nowhere, as Antichrist believers have predicted, entering a great position of power...one heartbeat away from being the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, should things fall into place as the Republicans hope, if elected in November and taking office in January 2013. Were the predictions of the Mayans and others correct or will this be the BEGINNING of the end of times, Armageddon some might say, rather than the abrupt end as many prognosticators have led us to believe?

I am a conservative, a Republican, although it is really none of your business, so I have nothing at all to gain by my perception. In fact, I will most likely be ostracized by fellow conservatives and many of my friends over these comments.
Obama seems like a decent guy...family man, smart, motivated, and has done some good things. But his policies have been ineffective and I do not agree with many of them, which will also not be referenced here because my political views are irrelevant. Our country is a mess, the result of a loss of clear institutional and personal values in my opinion, and change is needed. The question is: "Are Mitt Romney and this unknown Ryan the right guys to step in?"

Some may think that my problem is with Romney's faith, being a Mormon, and nothing to do with Paul Ryan. That could not be further from the truth! I have known hundreds of Mormons over the years, cadets at the US Air Force Academy where I was on the faculty from 1988 to 1993, fellow Air Force officers, and friends throughout my life. Mormon people, in my experience, ARE WONDERFUL PEOPLE...warm, helpful, friend/family oriented, loyal, straightforward, honest...just good people, without a single exception. So is this about faith? Absolutely not! Is this about a gut feeling...a perception? Absolutely!

The first time I saw Ryan, he gave me the creeps, reminding me of many sociopaths I have had the misfortune of knowing over the years.  My peers, clinicians with sociopath experience(s) might say: "THE LIGHTS ARE ON, BUT NOBODY'S HOME" when looking into his eyes and referring to "those types". 

Is my perception based in facts or science? As I stated earlier, it is not. But I have dealt with enough evil in my life and have a great deal of experience working with people of questionable sanity, so take it for what it is worth...my opinion.

So, is Paul Ryan going to turn out to be our "savior" or "Satan"? Probably neither. Is he the coming of the Antichrist and the end of the world or just some young, decent looking guy bent on serving his country and doing some good? Time will tell. I hope I am wrong and do not give credibility either to the myths surrounding the coming of the Antichrist or the Armageddon 2012 end of the world prophecy scheduled for later this year. I am just a writer and blogger trying to raise some controversial and interesting discussion about the world, our Nation in crisis, and the upcoming election, so do not take my "perceptions" too seriously. 

However...if they are correct, I will not receive any credit because there will not be anybody to bestow it upon me, and, if incorrect, I will be disliked or ostracized for my views, so what do I have to gain? Not a thing! I am just sharing a story, a perception, a controversial opinion, allowing you to form or hold your own because that is what is special about our country...we can have strong convictions and opinions, share them openly, and not have to worry about being deported or thrown in jail because of them.
Thank you for letting me tell my story and for listening, and ... GOD BLESS THE USA AND OUR NEXT PRESIDENT, whomever we elect!


Read this new post about Paul Ryan's recent  attack on military retirees

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Letter to the President of Kmart: Kmart Pharmacy Discriminated Against Disabled Customer and Witheld Vital Medication

Louis J. (Lou) D'Ambrosio, President and CEO
Kmart Corporate Office | Headquarters
3333 Beverly Rd. Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

Dear Mr. D’Ambrosio,

1.      On May 18th, 2012, I visited my doctor and received a prescription for lorazapam (1mg, twice a day for anxiety – 90 day supply – and one refill). I was nearly out of my previous prescription at that time and was planning a six week vacation abroad in June, so I needed the prescription filled immediately.  Being retired military and using ExpressScripts for many years, I expected my prescription to arrive in a few days.  When it did not, I checked the ExpressScripts website which stated that my order was being “processed”.  I called ExpressScripts on/about May 23rd and was told that they needed to coordinate with the doctor because of an error on the prescription and that they would “expedite” processing after I told them I was about to run out.  Needless to say, another week went by with no prescription in the mail, so I called ExpressScripts again on May 31st and they told me there had been a mistake with my prescription for Androgel and they had held up the entire order, including the lorazapam.  By this time, I had been completely out for a few days, so I asked them if they could transfer my prescription to KMART PHARMACY #3239 - 7100 NW PRAIRIE VIEW RD KANSAS CITY MO 64151 which they did.  I had the prescription filled at Kmart on 6/1/2012, nearly two weeks after it should have been filled originally.

2.      As stated, I took the prescription to Kmart and it was filled on 6/1/2012 without incident.  However, when I attempted to refill the prescription, I ran into roadblock after roadblock and pharmacy staff unwilling to assist a patient in distress, and bitchy attitudes on top of it all.  The first time I went in for the refill (end of July I think – I didn’t remember exactly when the prescription had been filled, was at Kmart, and thought I would kill two birds so to speak).  A young, heavyset woman told me that she would have to call my doctor because “it was too soon” to refill it and that she would call me back.  I have always refilled the prescription well in advance of the 90-days, anywhere from a week to two weeks, depending on the pharmacy and depending on my schedule. I told the woman I was running low because I had been traveling under some very stressful conditions (our house sitter abandoned our home and animals while we were staying with family and working in Europe) and I had used more of the medication than normal. The young woman said “I’ll call your doctor and call you on your cell phone once I get word”. 

3.      The promised call never came, so I rationed my medication, knowing I could get the prescription filled 7 days before it would expire.  On or about August 25th, 2012, I again went to the pharmacy window and explained to the same young, heavyset technician what had happened and what I wanted.  She appeared to remember me and went to the computer, quickly coming back and stating “the prescription was filled on June 1st and cannot be refilled until August 30th.”  It appeared as though I was being singled out, hassled, discriminated against, and they were not going to give me the medication (I was again rationing and needed for sleep) simply because “they could”.  I did the math at home and realized, even if they wanted to wait until the last minute, the 90-day supply would be exhausted on August 29th, not the 30th, so the young woman was wrong. 

4.      By this time, I was so infuriated by the attitudes and incompetence of the Kmart Pharmacy staff, I went to my old pharmacy at Price Chopper and asked for my prescription to be transferred.  The pharmacist there, after a long conversation with the Kmart Pharmacy, told me that my prescription “could not be transferred again” and that I would have to get it from Kmart, incompetent and customer unfriendly as they are.

5.      The “coup de grace” came on Monday, August 27th, when I returned to the KMart Pharmacy and asked the young, heavyset girl if I could speak with the pharmacist. Instead, the manager, Juliet Barker, came over.  I started to explain the situation when she blurted out “you tried to have your prescription transferred yesterday, didn’t you?”  I told her that I had in-fact done so because of her staff’s rudeness and terrible customer service. She added “you can’t get the prescription until the 30th” (with a smirk on her face and “I’ll show you” attitude).  I stated “if you could count, the 90-days is up on the 29th, not the 30th, so why are you withholding a medication I need past the date when I run out?”  Already stressed and anxious (THAT’S WHY I HAVE A PRESCRIPTION FOR LORAZAPAM!) due to the situation I returned from Europe because of (abandoned home and animals, thousands of dollars in theft and damages, having to file two separate complaints (criminal charges) against the house sitter, etc, etc), I could not deal with Ms. Barker’s snide and aggressive attitude any longer, so I asked when my prescription would be ready and she stated “Wednesday, August 29th, after 11:00 AM”.  I asked her to make sure that it would be ready at that time and left the store.

6.      I have never experienced such a hostile and aggressive staff as you have working in this pharmacy.  They cannot discriminate among patients, treating one differently than another as has been the case with me.  Do they not like men, old men, disabled men, veterans?  Why was I treated this way and denied the medication I need willy nilly by a bunch of rude, angry women? 

7.      I stopped shopping at Kmart and Sears years ago when Kmart went into bankruptcy and I lost thousands of dollars in stocks while the board of directors simply filed bankruptcy, reissued new stock, and went on with their business as if nothing happened.  I never received an apology or anything else for the thousands I lost because of their incompetence, so I stopped shopping at Kmart and did not return until they opened this store near my home.  I saw the store was struggling, hardly ever a car in the parking lot, so I returned to shop occasionally, mostly to support our neighbors who work there more than anything else.  In this economy, I would hate for anybody to lose their jobs, particularly in my community, so I supported this store despite my better judgment. What a mistake!

8.      I will never again step foot in this Kmart, once I receive my prescription, because of the way I was treated, like a criminal and definitely not like a valued customer.  It is only a matter of time before this store closes and all employees lose their jobs.  You should be going out of your way to build relationships and loyalty, not destroy them!  You should also be ashamed of yourselves for the way I was treated, discriminated and retaliated against for a reason I have yet to figure out.  Maybe you should do your own investigation…no, wait, that would mean holding “your own” accountable…what am I crazy, what big company would have the integrity to do that?  Not, Kmart, I can count on that!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Signing up for a "FREE TRIAL" to watch streaming movies while abroad, I had to provide a credit card to start the trial. REELzHOT, https://reelzhot.com/users/loginpage, has their site set-up so that the next time you log-in to use your "FREE" trial, you have to click on some buttons to accept their "terms and conditions". Buried in those terms and conditions is a stipulation that you must "CANCEL" your membership within 5 days AND, being abroad, I could only cancel online and be charged to do so. Can you say scam? Rip-off?

Well, I missed the terms and conditions buried somewhere in the numerous pages of legal mumbo jumbo stating that I had to cancel MY FREE TRIAL within five days and, lo and behold, a charge for $49.95 appeared on my credit card five days later! $49.95 a month for a bunch of crappy, old, B-movies is ridiculous in its own right, so I went to the FAQs page. At the very top of their "Support" page, http://reelzhot.com/pages/support, in bold, blue lettering, is the FAQ: "Why was I charged $49.95 when I signed up for a free membership?" This is obviously a very common problem for their customers, to be so prominently displayed at the very top of their support page, so why do they continue to deceive their customers? How do they expect to stay in business ripping people off? In any event, I sent to following email to their support team:

$49.95 for a FREE membership?  It's obvious that I'm not the only one with this problem since it is AT THE TOP OF YOUR FAQs! Can you say CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT?...SURE YOU CAN!Please reverse this charge, in its entirety immediately, cancel my membership, and send me a confirmation. I agreed to a trial membership and not an auto upgrade to the standard monthly membership plan.  I should have known better than to give my credit card number for a :free trial".If you DO NOT reverse the charge COMPLETELY in the next 48 hours, I will contact my bank to have the charge reversed, then the BBB, the FCC, and the Attorney General of the United States to report your fraudulent practices. I will also contact dailytechpost.com, About.com, TrickTacToe.com, and Butterblog http://blog.buttermouth.com/2007/06/top-25-places-to-watch-free-movies-and.html to inform them of your fraudulent practices. Check out my blog, www.InstitutionalTerrorism.com, where your website will be prominently featured unless you comply within the next 48 hours. You have until 6:02 AM (CST) on 7/14/2012 to send my confirmation.
Well, true to my word, here is my post because the completely ignored me! I just filed a dispute with my bank and as soon as I return home in two days, I will file my complaint with the FCC, BBB, and U.S. Attorney General. We will see how much it will cost REELzHOT to answer those complaints...much more than the $49.95 the ripped me of for.

DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT, USE REELzHOT OR SIGN UP FOR THEIR BS "FREE TRIAL"! Their movies suck and they obviously could care less about their customers!

CombatActivist out!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

$250 an Hour for This?

Really? I called Kansas City's Ryan Lawn and Tree in early May asking for an estimate to trim my trees back away from my house, which was originally supposed to have been done by another contractor last year when I had a tree removed. The original contractor had done MINIMAL work and so the squirrels (who are the source of my problem, having taken up residence in my attic, eating wires and causing other damages) continue to have access to our roof and, subsequently, our attic. Mark came to our house on May 10th, 2012 to give me an estimate on tree trimming and lawn fertilization/seeding.  I told Mark about the other contractor and asked him, as an expert, to estimate what it would cost to trim all trees, allowing access to our roof by the squirrels, enough so the squirrels would not have access for several years to come. Mark’s estimate was not cheap, coming in at $375, but it was worth it to me to stop the squirrels from damaging our home any further.  He gave me the estimate and a very rudimentary drawing showing what work would be performed.  I called the following week to set up an appointment and was told it would be 3-4 weeks.

I received a call on May 24th stating that they could come on Tuesday, May 28th and so I agreed.  The woman on the phone could not narrow down the hours they would be there, stating it would be “that afternoon”.  I had things to do that afternoon, but my wife was home. She said that two guys arrived at 2 PM and never bothered ringing the bell or letting us know they were to start working.  She left a while later on an errand and when she returned at 3:30PM, they were long gone. $375 for an hour and a half’s worth of work seemed a bit extreme, coming to $250 per hour…quite pricey for unskilled labor and considering that I am a licensed psychotherapist with a masters degree and 30 years experience and make only HALF THAT MUCH!

Once I started looking at their work, I noticed that they had trimmed the wrong tree and did not trim two that were on the estimate.  I also noticed that there are two trees next to the house that still allow the squirrels’ access to the roof; trees I had assumed were included in the pricey estimate.  I called Mark on Wednesday, May 29th and left a message explaining the problems in detail.  He called me back and said that someone would be in touch with me that afternoon.  I finally got a voicemail from a guy named Spencer on May 31st stating “I understand you have some questions, if you still have questions, call me back…” I didn’t have questions, I had a job that was incomplete and I wanted it done correctly, so I called Spencer back and left another detailed message.  He never called me back.

Instead, “Matt and Augie” showed-up unannounced and while we were gone on June 4th, trimming one of the trees that should have been done the first time, but leaving the other tree untouched and having done nothing with the other two (which Mark apparently missed in his original estimate).  I had asked Mark and Spencer if I could have those trees done instead of the maple (which is distant from the house), but nobody bothered taking the time to contact me to find out what exactly my concerns were.

For $375, I expected a thorough and professional estimate and work, neither of which occurred. I have spent the better part of this week and too much of my life dealing with incompetent businesses, businesses that do not have a clue what customer service and satisfaction are, treating us with disdain instead of courtesy and dignity.  This was the last straw!

Bottom Line: For $375, I expected a much more thorough job and a result which will protect my roof and attic for years to come.  Instead, I got a half-ass job and additional pruning to do.  After I pay the inflated bill, I think I’ll go to Home Depot to get the equipment and do it myself because I SEEM TO BE THE ONLY PERSON I CAN TRUST TO DO THE JOB THE RIGHT WAY!  I am cancelling my lawn fertilization and seeding program with Ryan Lawn and Tree, who will receive a D (at best) from me on Angie’s List for wasting my time, doing a poor, overpriced job, and being unable to communicate clearly with a customer when they (me) had a valid complaint.

PS - I sent the information above to Ryan Lawn and Tree on June 5th, allowing them an opportunity to reach out and try to sooth an unhappy customer. They obviously could care less, which tells us quite a bit about how they operate. Take that into consideration when hiring a lawn and tree contractor in Kansas City.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Corporate Terrorism: Outsourced Customer Service

Are you sick and tired of spending unproductive hours on the phone with a customer service rep in India, Srilanka, Philippines, or other (outsourced, low-wage) country every time your computer, software, or cell phone go haywire?  These folks are usually trying their best and it isn't their fault their English is not easily understood by an American looking for quick answers to a technical problem...It's the fault of the multi-billion dollar conglomerates who are reducing overhead and increasing profit by getting around minimum wage and child labor laws.


Any time you call an 800 number (for a credit card, banking, charter communications, health and other insurance, computer help desk, etc), and you find that you're talking to a foreign customer service representative, (perhaps in India, Philippines, etc), please consider doing the following:

After you connect and you realize that the customer service representative is not from the USA (you can always ask if you are not sure about the accent), please, very politely (this is not about trashing other cultures) say, "I'd like to speak to a customer service representative in the United States of America ."

The rep might suggests talking to his/her manager, but, again, politely say, "Thank you, but I'd like to speak to a customer service representative in the USA ."

That's the rule and the LAW. It takes less than one minute to have your call re-directed to the USA.

Imagine what would happen if every US citizen insisted on talking to only US phone reps from this day on.  Imagine how that would ultimately impact the amount of US jobs that would need to be created ASAP.  If I tell 10 people to consider this and you tell 10 people to consider doing this - see what I mean...it becomes an exercise in viral marketing 101.

Remember - the goal here is to restore jobs back here at home - not to be abrupt or rude to a foreign phone rep. You may even get correct answers, good advice, and solutions to your problem - in English.

If you agree, pass this link on to everyone in your address book.

Contributed by Dusten S. - Colorado Springs, CO

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

YOUR Verizon Data is Vulnerable!

My personal data was compromised and YOURS IS JUST AS VULNERABLE!

Verizon allowed one of their affiliates to access my data and set-up an account in another city in my name (under my social secrity number) without my permission or knowledge (read more detail below). I filed complaints with the FCC and FTC, but both Verizon and the company (Century Link - a Verizon affilaite) refuse to accept any responsibility.

Help me to get Verizon's full attention by signing my petition to increase internal security measures and protect customer data as promised in our contracts and Verizon's privacy disclosure.

Failure to protect customer data is a breach of contract and Verizon should waive any early termination fees for customers who lose faith in Verizon's ability to protect their identity and want to take their business elsewhere.



The Whole Story...

Complaint: Verizon Wireless Failed to Protect My Personal Data and Allowed an Affiliate, Century Link (Colorado Springs, CO), to Steal My Information and Open an Account in My Name Without My Knowledge or Permission

Complainant: CombatActivist
Offender(s):   Ken Dixon, Midwest Region President - Verizon Wireless
     777 Big Timber Road
     Elgin, IL 60123

                             Century Link – Corporate Address and Phone Unknown
                             Colorado Springs, CO