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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Facebook Page: "Lets Find 1 Million People to Support Severly Injured Veterans" Attacks Disabled Vet Asking for Support on White House PTSD Petition

PROMOTING AND SELLING ITEMS FOR A PROFIT WHILE PRETENDING TO BE THE NON-PROFIT, a worthwhile one from what I can tell, that provides homes for disabled vets. 

The company, Hearts Moving Mountains, markets and sells T-Shirts, iTunes, and other products, pretending that they are a charity or are donating ALL of the proceeds to charity.  In fact, they are in the business of selling products AND, POSSIBLY, donating what is leftover to some worthwhile charities.

At first I simply asked them to promote our WHITE HOUSE petition asking President Obama to end the negative stigmas against PTSD and military mental health treatment on a post on their page, but my post never appeared and they could obviously care less about helping Veterans! As soon as I contacted them about their credibility, they reported me to Facebook as a SPAMMER and sent me nasty messages, claiming that I am "uneducated" when I told them to stop using the term "HOOAH" because it is an "Army only" term and insults the rest of us who honorably served our country in the Air Force, Navy, and Marines!  Soon after I was barred from the site and unable to save the nasty messages ... boy they work fast when they have something to hide!

I am not saying they are doing a disservice and they may actually have good intentions, but they are misrepresenting themselves as a charity when they are a "FOR PROFIT", company a .com, not a NON-PROFIT, a .org.  They lead people to believe that they are donating to a charity when they visit the websites when in-fact you are taken to a company website selling products. The non-profit probably gets the "merchandise" at the wholesale price, which includes a tidy profit for the company, and are sold at a higher price to generate income for the non-profit...probably much less than the t-shirt and manufacturer makes on the deal! Here is what they advertise:

"You can also buy Patriotic T shirts at Hearts Moving Mountains and "all net proceeds" 
got to Homes For Our Troops!"

Here is the definition of "net proceeds" according to Financial Dictionary - The Free dictionary website: 
"net proceeds": The revenues from the sale of an asset that have been reduced by commissions or other expenses directly related to the sale. Net proceeds from a security's sale are calculated by multiplying the security's price by the result derived from subtracting the brokerage commission and any taxes or other fees realized from the sale from the number of shares sold
Source: http://financial-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Net+Proceeds
So, they are taking THEIR CUT (commission) after expenses, and who knows how big that "commission" is, and giving the NET PROCEEDS to the charity, probably much less than the commission!

"Karla", the women who posts for them, obviously cannot spell, and uses the term "HOOAH" after each post sent me a nasty message before blocking me, telling me that I am "uneducated" and that she "was in the Army ... HOOAH", so that apparently makes everything OK.  If they are so eager to block and insult me, what are they afraid of except of the TRUTH and being exposed as SCAM ARTISTS, using public sentiment toward the military and Veterans as a come-on?

By the way ... it should be "Let's Find 1 Million People to Support Severely Injured Veterans", not "Lets Find 1 Million People to Support Severly Injured Veterans" ... who is the uneducated one now Karla?

As you can see from their page, they are quick to point out that anybody disagreeing with them will be BLOCKED, so they have apparently run into problems before.  Here is what they claim on Facebook: