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Monday, January 9, 2012

Corporate Terrorism: Outsourced Customer Service

Are you sick and tired of spending unproductive hours on the phone with a customer service rep in India, Srilanka, Philippines, or other (outsourced, low-wage) country every time your computer, software, or cell phone go haywire?  These folks are usually trying their best and it isn't their fault their English is not easily understood by an American looking for quick answers to a technical problem...It's the fault of the multi-billion dollar conglomerates who are reducing overhead and increasing profit by getting around minimum wage and child labor laws.


Any time you call an 800 number (for a credit card, banking, charter communications, health and other insurance, computer help desk, etc), and you find that you're talking to a foreign customer service representative, (perhaps in India, Philippines, etc), please consider doing the following:

After you connect and you realize that the customer service representative is not from the USA (you can always ask if you are not sure about the accent), please, very politely (this is not about trashing other cultures) say, "I'd like to speak to a customer service representative in the United States of America ."

The rep might suggests talking to his/her manager, but, again, politely say, "Thank you, but I'd like to speak to a customer service representative in the USA ."

That's the rule and the LAW. It takes less than one minute to have your call re-directed to the USA.

Imagine what would happen if every US citizen insisted on talking to only US phone reps from this day on.  Imagine how that would ultimately impact the amount of US jobs that would need to be created ASAP.  If I tell 10 people to consider this and you tell 10 people to consider doing this - see what I mean...it becomes an exercise in viral marketing 101.

Remember - the goal here is to restore jobs back here at home - not to be abrupt or rude to a foreign phone rep. You may even get correct answers, good advice, and solutions to your problem - in English.

If you agree, pass this link on to everyone in your address book.

Contributed by Dusten S. - Colorado Springs, CO