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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reduce Defense Spending...Are You Serious?

According to Money Magazine (October 2012, p. 85), 68% of those polled (Republicans AND Democrats) think the United States should cut defense (military) spending. The Department of Defense (DoD), Congress, and President Obama all want to cut personnel and retiree benefits, that is a fact. What are these morons thinking? What is 68% of the population, supposedly, thinking? You got me!
We have been at war with Al Qaeda, and others, for 11 years and our military, if not dead already, are worn out! Our heroes in uniform, past, present, and future, put their families, health, and lives on the line every day...for your freedom people!

So now that Osama is dead, we are out of Iraq, and things are winding down in Afghanistan, we have nothing to worry about...right? Military retention rates are at all times highs thanks to patriotism and a weak economy, so why don't we cut their (active duty, Guard, Reserves, and retirees) pay and benefits or, better yet, drum them out altogether so we can save a few bucks? Forget those promises we made about job security, lifetime healthcare, pensions, and other "retention" tools...the threat is gone, over, history...let's cut defense spending (that is shorthand for personnel and benefits)! You don't really think the military (DoD) is going to give up any planes, tanks, ships, or helicopters do you?

I don't know about you, but I have a couple problems with that kind of thinking:
First, we, as a nation, made promises to our men and women in uniform and cannot change course now. That is immoral! Can you say integrity? Keep the promises made to those serving and those who have served. If you want to make changes, make them effective BEFORE future enlistees enlist, not after we obligated to or faithfully served our country!
Second, the president, Congress, and DoD ARE NOT focusing on fighting a few terrorists here and there, they are focusing on two very real and very large threats...CHINA (and their redheaded stepchild North Korea) and IRAN! 

China is a military and nuclear superpower with BILLIONS of potential troops and Iran has a nut of a president and is on the verge of becoming a nuclear threat (beside having one of the most potent militaries in the Middle East) and is threatening one of the most unstable and economically critical regions in the world ON A DAILY BASIS! Can you say OIL? How about nuclear holocaust? Are you people out if your freakin' minds?

So why not cut porkbarrel spending, pet projects, a bloated government full of useless programs and lazy workers (that is a generalization, there are many worthwhile programs and civil servants), or even cushy pensions for serving in Congress for a couple  of years? Why? Because memories are very short and if there is not an immediate threat, citizens are selfish and want all the money to come to them. That means politicians need to keep those voters happy so they can be reelected and receive those cushy pensions!

In conclusion, our shortsighted predecessors cut defense spending after World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, and even Gulf War I, but guess what? That's right, we got caught with our pants down when the next conflict came along! Do you have any idea how much we waste as a nation drawing down and building up our military as a reaction to world events? BILLIONS...JUST LIKE THOSE BILLIONS OF CHINESE just a stones throw from the United States of America...can you say Alaska? How about Hawaii? There is a place in Hawaii called Pearl Harbor...have you heard of it?