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Individual Ignorance...Self-Centered Neanderthals In Action

Our goal on this page is to highlight the self-entered, entitled, ignorant morons that we all have to deal with every day of our lives. The problem with them, and most of the world's inhabitants and institutions is a LACK OF CLEAR VALUES, they either have never defined their values and are wondering about aimlessly in life, or the have lost sight of their values, with the same result.

Without core values, how can you set meaningful, definable, measurable, achievable goals? You cannot!  So, without values and goals, what determines how you act at any given time, particularly when faced with a crisis or a situation requiring compassion, empathy, or selflessness? 

Unfortunately, the human mind has evolved to protect the individual, that is why we have "anxiety", because it is adaptive and without it, we would have been eaten by lions and saber tooth tigers and our species would have been extinguished thousands of years ago. So when we are lacking clear values and are faced with a decision to act, or speak, or think, we act selfishly as a way to "protect" the individual...ME!

In the other hand, if we have clear core values AND understand very clearly what they mean to us, we can act in a more humane, compassionate, selfless, educated way when confronted with a difficult situation, crisis, person, or decision.

Individuals and institutions have LOST THEIR WAY, reversing down the evolutionary ladder to the level of the barbarians and neanderthal...PRIMITIVES!

The goal of this page is to, in a lighthearted yet sarcastic way, highlight the individuals in our society who have LOST THEIR WAY so to speak. They are not necessarily evil or stupid, they have simply lost focus on their values or, perhaps, never had any to begin with. There is hope because values clarification is a very simple process and once clear, only a few simple tools stand in the way of acting on them. So do not give up on our fellow humans just quite yet...let us see if we can DO THE RIGHT THING and be tolerant until they decide to join the enlightened...return to core values and live lives based on honor, integrity, compassion, selflessness, excellence, loyalty, dignity, and respect...values I hold dear, understand unquestionably, and TRY to act on every minute, every day of the week.

Good luck and ... ENJOY! 

September 9th, 2011 

Rancho Grande Mexican Cantina - Parkville, Missouri

Full parking lot...Individual SO IMPORTANT, must take up two primes spaces, leaving senior citizens a long walk!
We see this all too often.  The self-centered person, always in a hurry and without a care about  how their ignorant behavior affects all of the other people around them.  This was no mistake, so why does this person think they need to "protect" this piece of crap truck from getting dinged? It is a big truck, so why don't you go park in the far corner of the lot, where there are several empty spaces, to AVOID getting dinged? Because YOU ARE NOT ONLY IGNORANT AND SELF-CENTERED, YOU ARE LAZY!  People like this wonder why other people take a key or other sharp object and run it down the side of their precious vehicles...IT'S BECAUSE YOU ARE SELFISH AND INCONVENIENCE, AND ANGER, OTHERS! I do, in no way, condone vandalism to another person's property and discourage it. Just because one moron infringed on the lives of others does not mean you have the right to damage their property. There are laws against that...there are no laws against being ignorant, self-centered, and clueless...BUT THERE SHOULD BE!

September 3rd, 2012 - Narcissistic, Neanderthals at Parkville (MO) YMCA Park in Fire Lanes While "Handicapped" Patrons Must Walk Past These "Beautiful" Cars 

The guy above regularly parks in the fire lane, so he must be very important...a "legend in his own mind" I am sure. For self-centered people like this, the "rules" and mores (look that up bumper sticker lover) of society do not apply to them. How sick are you of selfish, ignorant people who actually believe they are above everyone else? 

Mr. Bumper Sticker also loves to clog the fire lane and his "cherry" ride has all the hallmarks of "class act". 

"Work is for people who don't know how to fish" ... and apparently for people that drive late model cars WITHOUT bumper stickers that say "If you can read this, I can hit my brakes and sue you" ... absolute genius!  This guy is not a narcissist, he is just not bright enough to understand the concept of "parking between the lines"...in the designated parking area.

If you want to do something about the self-centered, social cretins in your hometown, please send me your photos or a link and a breif description. Please, no names and let's keep it PG-rated.  The goal is not to identify and insult people, but to simply bring enough negative attention that they will think twice before acting "entitled" in the future.


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