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Friday, May 10, 2013

ExpressScripts ... We Don't Care, We Don't Have To!

ExpressScripts is another government contractor out of control. We, Tricare beneficiaries, are forced to use this monopoly by Tricare and they could care less about customer service ... BOTH TRICARE AND EXPRESSSCRIPTS!

I needed 9 prescriptions filled prior to a 90 day business trip to Europe counseling military and their families, so I had receive needed medications prior to departure. I sent ExpressScripts the prescriptions via certified mail and they received them with 10 days to process, more than enough or so I thought.

I literally begged them to expedite my order and told them the consequences of deploying without my medications. I am 80% service-disabled and have two potentially life threatening conditions.

Rather than expediting my order, ExpressScripts sat on my prescriptions even after I called and emailed several times to help the expediting process.

Bottom line: They had more than enough time to process and ship my prescriptions, but it appeared obvious to me that they were deliberately stalling.

When a woman called me 3 days prior to my departure and "curtly" told me that I had to go to a local pharmacy and have them filled, I was beside myself. I begged her, again, to please process them, indicating that it would cost me much more to get them from a local pharmacy and that they still had plenty of time to fill and ship them overnight, BUT SHE RUDELY REFUSED IN A TONE OF VOICE I FOUND OFFENSIVE AND APPALLING! It was like a spoiled child saying "nanny, nanny, nanny ... I can do this just because I can".

In the end, I had to go to the local pharmacy and instead of it costing between $9 and $27, I PAID OVER $200!

That is not only horrible customer service, it is unethical in my opinion. ExpressScripts have us over a barrel and they abuse that power.  As Lily Tomlin used to say ... We're ExpressScripts, "we don't care, we don't have to!" ExpressScripts ... YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Clean Green Lawn ... Do Not Let the Competent, Clean-Cut Facade Fool You!

Clean Green Lawn
102 NE 82nd Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64118

(816) 506-2790


I hired Clean Green Lawn to do some mowing for me last year and, unlike most contractors and service providers in Kansas City, they seemed friendly, competent, hard working, and, above all dependable. Integrity in business ... WHAT A CONCEPT!

We have been disgusted by company after company after company that either does not care or is too lazy or unconcerned about doing what they promise to do. Whether it is showing up for an estimate appointment, actually providing an estimate after coming to the house and surveying the work required, or following through with other promises, there are few businesses around with the professionalism, the pride, the integrity we as paying customers deserve.  That is correct...WE DESERVE QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR PAYING OUR HARD EARNED MONEY FOR A SERVICE OR PRODUCT...THAT SHOULD BE A GIVEN!

I thought I had finally found such a company in Clean Green, even going to the length of asking them to keep an eye on things and being "on call" for my wife during a recent extended consulting trip "in case of emergency".

Our lawn was in terrible shape after last summer's intense heat and drought, along with neglect by a housesitter who eventually abandoned our home (and animals) two weeks before my scheduled return.

I asked Clean Green's frontman Aaron to propose a seeding, fertilization, and weed control plan last fall.  The proposal was fair, so we started with seeding, $120 to verticut and seed about 1/4 acre.

When they arrived, the verticut machine they were using to prepare the ground for seeding appeared old and useless, because it was barely making a dent in the hard ground. I was not instructed to prep the yard or water prior to their arrival, so I asked if the shallow and, in some places, non-existent cuts in the ground would be enough to allow the seed to germinate.  I was ensured that it was and given an aggressive watering schedule, watering daily at first, then religiously every other day for two weeks for about an hour per zone (15 minutes more than instructed).

I asked Aaron what I could expect before winter and in the spring, so the owner pointed to the lawn across the street (which is quite thick, lush, and green) and said it should be fairly thick, something like that (pointing to the same lawn) "in a few weeks" and should grow in fully by May.

As spring sprung and March of this year (2013) came and went, our lawn looked as bad as it did, maybe worse, than it did BEFORE SEEDING LAST FALL!  All of our neighbors lawns were thick and green by mid-March, while ours looked like the surface of Mars.

I had sent an email to Aaron at Clean Green early in the New Year to double check on the spring fertilization, weed control, and mowing schedule. Being an 80%-disabled Veteran, I have difficulty mowing a portion of our lawn along a steep slope, approximately 1/8 of an acre, so I wanted to ensure everything was "good" for the Spring because I had lost a lucrative contract in January and knew that we might have to sell our beautiful home. I also wanted them to trim some bushes and get rid of the leaves that had accumulated over the winter, but never got the chance.

When I did not receive a reply by March and saw the state of our lawn compared to our neighbor's, I became anxious and sent Clean Green another email. Aaron apologized, stating that he "had not received my earlier email" (what if I had been away as was planned and my wife did in-fact have ah emergency?). I asked him why our yard looked so bad compared to other's and what he would do about it, stating that we were putting our home on the market and curb appeal, which was currently non-existent, WAS CRITICAL!

The answer I received was less than professional and not what I expected from a firm that seemed to be so reliable!  I was told that it was too late to do anything for this season and that they were "booked solid" anyway. Excuse me? What happened to the false promises of a "full, green lawn" not to mention our agreement to fertilize, apply weed control, and mow this season?  To paraphrase his response, he said "Sorry pal, we made no promises, so you're on your own".  He added "I'll refund your $120", which, compared to most of the thieves running businesses in the area, was gallant, but not what I was looking for. I pleaded with him to see if there was anything else he could do to help us sell our home, but I was declined ..."good luck bub!".

I just spent over $300 on equipment, seed, soil, fertilizer, and weed control, in addition to the $120 I paid Clean Green Lawn, bringing the total to close to $450 for a lawn that still looks absolutely horrible. On top of that, I pray that my back and knees hold out long enough to make the yard presentable in order to sell before the season is over and we, possibly, lose our home as so many have done since 2008.

BOTTOM LINE: If you need reasonable lawn mowing, Clean Green Lawn MIGHT BE ABLE TO HANDLE IT ... MAYBE NOT (IN OUR CASE). If you need anything more challenging done in your yard, I recommend you find someone else for the job. But then again, will you find a business with integrity, quality customer service, dependability, fair prices? I WISH YOU LUCK!

I will be posting more horror stories involving Kansas City businesses, services, and contractors as time allows because there are in-fact so many, I do not believe I have the time to address them all ... guess I will have to prioritize!  All reviews will be posted on those business's AngiesList accounts as well, but in my experience AngiesList is about as reliable as Clean Green Lawn, or Best Buy, or Ryan Lawn and Tree, or Verizon, or kMart ... etc. ... etc ... etc. ... You get the idea!

Title: Clean Green Lawn ... Do Not Let the Competent, Clean-Cut Facade Fool You!

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