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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paul Ryan...Savior or Satan: Coming of the AntiChrist?

The first time I saw Paul Ryan or even heard of him for that matter, was when Mitt Romney recently announced he would be his running mate for the 2012 presidential election. First impressions are telling, and mine are usually fairly accurate, so the first time I saw this man, a shiver ran up my spine, I was frightened!

There has been much talk over the years, particularly recently in the days leading to the Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2012, predicting the end of the world, supposedly prophesied by the Mayans, Nostradamus, and dozens of TV shows and films in recent memory. The coming of the Antichrist, an event anticipated for centuries in some religions, has not been linked to the upcoming END OF THE WORLD, at least as far as I have seen. But the coincidences are alarming!

Here is a man, Paul Ryan, coming from nowhere, as Antichrist believers have predicted, entering a great position of power...one heartbeat away from being the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, should things fall into place as the Republicans hope, if elected in November and taking office in January 2013. Were the predictions of the Mayans and others correct or will this be the BEGINNING of the end of times, Armageddon some might say, rather than the abrupt end as many prognosticators have led us to believe?

I am a conservative, a Republican, although it is really none of your business, so I have nothing at all to gain by my perception. In fact, I will most likely be ostracized by fellow conservatives and many of my friends over these comments.
Obama seems like a decent guy...family man, smart, motivated, and has done some good things. But his policies have been ineffective and I do not agree with many of them, which will also not be referenced here because my political views are irrelevant. Our country is a mess, the result of a loss of clear institutional and personal values in my opinion, and change is needed. The question is: "Are Mitt Romney and this unknown Ryan the right guys to step in?"

Some may think that my problem is with Romney's faith, being a Mormon, and nothing to do with Paul Ryan. That could not be further from the truth! I have known hundreds of Mormons over the years, cadets at the US Air Force Academy where I was on the faculty from 1988 to 1993, fellow Air Force officers, and friends throughout my life. Mormon people, in my experience, ARE WONDERFUL PEOPLE...warm, helpful, friend/family oriented, loyal, straightforward, honest...just good people, without a single exception. So is this about faith? Absolutely not! Is this about a gut feeling...a perception? Absolutely!

The first time I saw Ryan, he gave me the creeps, reminding me of many sociopaths I have had the misfortune of knowing over the years.  My peers, clinicians with sociopath experience(s) might say: "THE LIGHTS ARE ON, BUT NOBODY'S HOME" when looking into his eyes and referring to "those types". 

Is my perception based in facts or science? As I stated earlier, it is not. But I have dealt with enough evil in my life and have a great deal of experience working with people of questionable sanity, so take it for what it is worth...my opinion.

So, is Paul Ryan going to turn out to be our "savior" or "Satan"? Probably neither. Is he the coming of the Antichrist and the end of the world or just some young, decent looking guy bent on serving his country and doing some good? Time will tell. I hope I am wrong and do not give credibility either to the myths surrounding the coming of the Antichrist or the Armageddon 2012 end of the world prophecy scheduled for later this year. I am just a writer and blogger trying to raise some controversial and interesting discussion about the world, our Nation in crisis, and the upcoming election, so do not take my "perceptions" too seriously. 

However...if they are correct, I will not receive any credit because there will not be anybody to bestow it upon me, and, if incorrect, I will be disliked or ostracized for my views, so what do I have to gain? Not a thing! I am just sharing a story, a perception, a controversial opinion, allowing you to form or hold your own because that is what is special about our country...we can have strong convictions and opinions, share them openly, and not have to worry about being deported or thrown in jail because of them.
Thank you for letting me tell my story and for listening, and ... GOD BLESS THE USA AND OUR NEXT PRESIDENT, whomever we elect!


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Letter to the President of Kmart: Kmart Pharmacy Discriminated Against Disabled Customer and Witheld Vital Medication

Louis J. (Lou) D'Ambrosio, President and CEO
Kmart Corporate Office | Headquarters
3333 Beverly Rd. Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

Dear Mr. D’Ambrosio,

1.      On May 18th, 2012, I visited my doctor and received a prescription for lorazapam (1mg, twice a day for anxiety – 90 day supply – and one refill). I was nearly out of my previous prescription at that time and was planning a six week vacation abroad in June, so I needed the prescription filled immediately.  Being retired military and using ExpressScripts for many years, I expected my prescription to arrive in a few days.  When it did not, I checked the ExpressScripts website which stated that my order was being “processed”.  I called ExpressScripts on/about May 23rd and was told that they needed to coordinate with the doctor because of an error on the prescription and that they would “expedite” processing after I told them I was about to run out.  Needless to say, another week went by with no prescription in the mail, so I called ExpressScripts again on May 31st and they told me there had been a mistake with my prescription for Androgel and they had held up the entire order, including the lorazapam.  By this time, I had been completely out for a few days, so I asked them if they could transfer my prescription to KMART PHARMACY #3239 - 7100 NW PRAIRIE VIEW RD KANSAS CITY MO 64151 which they did.  I had the prescription filled at Kmart on 6/1/2012, nearly two weeks after it should have been filled originally.

2.      As stated, I took the prescription to Kmart and it was filled on 6/1/2012 without incident.  However, when I attempted to refill the prescription, I ran into roadblock after roadblock and pharmacy staff unwilling to assist a patient in distress, and bitchy attitudes on top of it all.  The first time I went in for the refill (end of July I think – I didn’t remember exactly when the prescription had been filled, was at Kmart, and thought I would kill two birds so to speak).  A young, heavyset woman told me that she would have to call my doctor because “it was too soon” to refill it and that she would call me back.  I have always refilled the prescription well in advance of the 90-days, anywhere from a week to two weeks, depending on the pharmacy and depending on my schedule. I told the woman I was running low because I had been traveling under some very stressful conditions (our house sitter abandoned our home and animals while we were staying with family and working in Europe) and I had used more of the medication than normal. The young woman said “I’ll call your doctor and call you on your cell phone once I get word”. 

3.      The promised call never came, so I rationed my medication, knowing I could get the prescription filled 7 days before it would expire.  On or about August 25th, 2012, I again went to the pharmacy window and explained to the same young, heavyset technician what had happened and what I wanted.  She appeared to remember me and went to the computer, quickly coming back and stating “the prescription was filled on June 1st and cannot be refilled until August 30th.”  It appeared as though I was being singled out, hassled, discriminated against, and they were not going to give me the medication (I was again rationing and needed for sleep) simply because “they could”.  I did the math at home and realized, even if they wanted to wait until the last minute, the 90-day supply would be exhausted on August 29th, not the 30th, so the young woman was wrong. 

4.      By this time, I was so infuriated by the attitudes and incompetence of the Kmart Pharmacy staff, I went to my old pharmacy at Price Chopper and asked for my prescription to be transferred.  The pharmacist there, after a long conversation with the Kmart Pharmacy, told me that my prescription “could not be transferred again” and that I would have to get it from Kmart, incompetent and customer unfriendly as they are.

5.      The “coup de grace” came on Monday, August 27th, when I returned to the KMart Pharmacy and asked the young, heavyset girl if I could speak with the pharmacist. Instead, the manager, Juliet Barker, came over.  I started to explain the situation when she blurted out “you tried to have your prescription transferred yesterday, didn’t you?”  I told her that I had in-fact done so because of her staff’s rudeness and terrible customer service. She added “you can’t get the prescription until the 30th” (with a smirk on her face and “I’ll show you” attitude).  I stated “if you could count, the 90-days is up on the 29th, not the 30th, so why are you withholding a medication I need past the date when I run out?”  Already stressed and anxious (THAT’S WHY I HAVE A PRESCRIPTION FOR LORAZAPAM!) due to the situation I returned from Europe because of (abandoned home and animals, thousands of dollars in theft and damages, having to file two separate complaints (criminal charges) against the house sitter, etc, etc), I could not deal with Ms. Barker’s snide and aggressive attitude any longer, so I asked when my prescription would be ready and she stated “Wednesday, August 29th, after 11:00 AM”.  I asked her to make sure that it would be ready at that time and left the store.

6.      I have never experienced such a hostile and aggressive staff as you have working in this pharmacy.  They cannot discriminate among patients, treating one differently than another as has been the case with me.  Do they not like men, old men, disabled men, veterans?  Why was I treated this way and denied the medication I need willy nilly by a bunch of rude, angry women? 

7.      I stopped shopping at Kmart and Sears years ago when Kmart went into bankruptcy and I lost thousands of dollars in stocks while the board of directors simply filed bankruptcy, reissued new stock, and went on with their business as if nothing happened.  I never received an apology or anything else for the thousands I lost because of their incompetence, so I stopped shopping at Kmart and did not return until they opened this store near my home.  I saw the store was struggling, hardly ever a car in the parking lot, so I returned to shop occasionally, mostly to support our neighbors who work there more than anything else.  In this economy, I would hate for anybody to lose their jobs, particularly in my community, so I supported this store despite my better judgment. What a mistake!

8.      I will never again step foot in this Kmart, once I receive my prescription, because of the way I was treated, like a criminal and definitely not like a valued customer.  It is only a matter of time before this store closes and all employees lose their jobs.  You should be going out of your way to build relationships and loyalty, not destroy them!  You should also be ashamed of yourselves for the way I was treated, discriminated and retaliated against for a reason I have yet to figure out.  Maybe you should do your own investigation…no, wait, that would mean holding “your own” accountable…what am I crazy, what big company would have the integrity to do that?  Not, Kmart, I can count on that!