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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

YOUR Verizon Data is Vulnerable!

My personal data was compromised and YOURS IS JUST AS VULNERABLE!

Verizon allowed one of their affiliates to access my data and set-up an account in another city in my name (under my social secrity number) without my permission or knowledge (read more detail below). I filed complaints with the FCC and FTC, but both Verizon and the company (Century Link - a Verizon affilaite) refuse to accept any responsibility.

Help me to get Verizon's full attention by signing my petition to increase internal security measures and protect customer data as promised in our contracts and Verizon's privacy disclosure.

Failure to protect customer data is a breach of contract and Verizon should waive any early termination fees for customers who lose faith in Verizon's ability to protect their identity and want to take their business elsewhere.



The Whole Story...

Complaint: Verizon Wireless Failed to Protect My Personal Data and Allowed an Affiliate, Century Link (Colorado Springs, CO), to Steal My Information and Open an Account in My Name Without My Knowledge or Permission

Complainant: CombatActivist
Offender(s):   Ken Dixon, Midwest Region President - Verizon Wireless
     777 Big Timber Road
     Elgin, IL 60123

                             Century Link – Corporate Address and Phone Unknown
                             Colorado Springs, CO